The Birth of Delilah’s Coven…(And About the Authors)

Delilah’s Coven is coming! What’s Delilah’s Coven, you say? Let's start with the back story. Delilah’s Coven is a book that we, Donna Worner Nolan and Jennifer Giuffre-Donohue, wrote a little over 12 years ago, and on Friday, November 23rd, 2018, we’ll be publishing it in a weekly "blog opera" (like soap opera, you get … Continue reading The Birth of Delilah’s Coven…(And About the Authors)


Delilah’s Coven, The Prologue:

When she was little, Gwen Cramer’s parents would take her to the park in the little town of Venus Bay. It was an enchanting place. The sights and smells resonated with your soul, and despite its proximity to New York City, it had managed to stay the same small town that it always was.  Gwen … Continue reading Delilah’s Coven, The Prologue:

Delilah’s Coven: Chapter 1

“Well now…,” Gwen thought as she checked out the hot guy in the black Porsche behind her. She adjusted her rearview mirror to get a better look. She felt like he was staring right at her. She quickly looked away. Her long, brown wavy hair fell into her face and she laughed to herself. Get … Continue reading Delilah’s Coven: Chapter 1

Delilah’s Coven: Chapter 2

Rileigh and Gwen got to Michelangelo’s at six o’clock. Even with the stressful day Gwen had, both women were especially happy today, and it showed in their faces. They went inside to be seated and ordered a couple of martinis. “I’ve found us the perfect house!” Gwen said trying to contain her enthusiasm. “It’s absolutely … Continue reading Delilah’s Coven: Chapter 2

Delilah’s Coven: Chapter 3

They were up bright and early Sunday morning. The women were to meet Angela, the real estate agent, at the house at nine o’clock. This way they could see the house, look around the property and still get to Delilah’s Coven with plenty of time before opening. They absolutely adored their store and took pride … Continue reading Delilah’s Coven: Chapter 3

Delilah’s Coven: Chapter 4

Delilah’s Coven was a neighborhood institution by now.  After the other store owners got to know them and realized that they weren’t “wicked” witches planning on casting spells on everyone, they came to embrace Delilah’s Coven, and realized how much diversity and business it brought to their area. The store’s customers ranged from the regulars … Continue reading Delilah’s Coven: Chapter 4

Delilah’s Coven: Chapter 5

“Don’t forget, Summer’s having her book club meeting here tonight. They’re reading Anne Rice’s newest novel. I can’t wait to read it!” Gwen said to Rileigh, turning over the ‘Open For Business’ sign. “Ooh, me too!” replied Rileigh as she restocked the crystals. “I guess we don’t need the power of the orange candles any … Continue reading Delilah’s Coven: Chapter 5